Bhaktamar Stotra is one of the famous Jain sanskrit prayers. It is said to be composed by Manatunga. The name Bhaktamara comes from a combination of two. Bhaktamar Stotra. Ravindra Jain. Add “Ravindra Jain – Bhaktamar Stotra” to My MusicAdd “Ravindra Jain || Bhaktamar Stotra”to My Music. Before answering the questions, let me give you a very to the point and clear cut tip. “Never ever just believe whatever you listen from the mouth of your elders.

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Still, I’m trying to answer this bhaktamar stotra with the hope that I won’t find them again in my answer requests. It should not be bhaktamar stotra if a benevolent master makes his subjects his equals. O Shotra, you are the ocean of virtues.

Resplendent like sun spotless, the Being Supreme Unaffected by delusion saints hold you in high esteem They conquer death on Thy realization Being the only sure way of securing salvation. Then why should I go as I am an bhaktamar stotra

Prodyad divakara nirantara bhuri bhaktamar stotra diptya jayatyapi nishamapi somasaumyam. Yogishvaram viditayogamanekamekam jnanasvarupamanmalam pravadanti santah. Bhaktamar stotra mystical diagram, yantra, is associated with each verse. There is no specific timings to read Bhaktambar Ji. The moon is eclipsed as well as obscured by clouds, but there is nothing that can shadow your face. O Master of the three worlds! Tvamavayam vibhumachintya masankhyamadyam Brahmanamishvaramanantamanangaketum.

The last verse gives bhaktamar stotra name of the author Manatunga. Yadrik prabha dinakritah prahatandhakara tadrik kuto grahaganasya vikashinoapi. The dissatisfaction even after seeing them has been removed by the glance of your detached and serene expression.

I offer my respectful salutations at the feet of Bhagavan Adinath, the propagator of religion at the beginning of this era.

Nityodayam dalitamoha mahandhakaram gamyam na bhaktamar stotra na varidanam. Hence you are bhaktamar stotra Supreme God.

Shree Bhaktamar Stotra – 1 MP3 Song Download- Shree Bhaktamar Stotra Songs on

Divyadhvanirbhvati te vishadartha sarva bhasha svabhava parinama gunaih prayojyah. The chants and prayers of Manatunga were bhaktamar stotra in full brim, flowing with the unbound energy of chain-reaction. One Jain bhaktamar stotra Dhananjaya was also becoming famous those days in the city.

Just as the shining sun rays dispel the darkness spread across the bhaktamar stotra, the sins accumulated by men through cycles of birth, are wiped out by the eulogies offered to you.

Bhaktamar Stotra

No wonder they attain Thy position Who recite Thy attributes with devotion Such masters hardly get commendation Who raise not their servants to their elevation. You are free from attachment and disinclination and beyond the gloom of ignorance. bhaktamar stotra

Gandhoda bindu shubha manda bhaktamar stotra divya divah patati te vachasam tatriva. What to say of Thy attributes glorious Mere mention destroys sins notorious Just as lotus flowers bloom with delight When falls on them remote sun’s light.

Bhaktamar Stotra

Mattadvipendra – mrigaraja – davanalahi sangrama – varidhi – mahodara-bandhanottham tasyashu nashamupayati bhayam bhiyeva, yastavakam stavamimam matimanadhite. The prayer praises Rishabhanatha adinathbhaktamar stotra first Tirthankara of Jainism.

Valgatturanga gajagarjita – bhimanada-majau balam balavatamapi bhupatinam! I bow to you. Tvat sanstavena bhavasantati sannibaddhampapam kshanat kshayamupaiti sharirabhajam.

But after sometime locks of bhaktamar stotra again opened and Acharya were bhaktamar stotra again. Your devotees are not afraid of water.

The King became angry and he ordered to his soldiers to place the Acharya in prison.

Vaktum bhaktamar stotra gunasamudra shashankakantan kaste kshamah suraguru pratimoapi buddhya. Unnidra hema bhakttamar pankaja punjakanti paryullasannakha mayukha shikhabhiramau. Your divine grandeur is enchanting.

It is no wonder that he who is engaged in praising your infinite virtues imbibing the virtues in his conduct attains your exhilarated position. Buddhastvameva vibudharchita buddhibodthat bhaktamar stotra Shankaroasi bhuvanatraya shankaratvat.