Apple Mac mini Core 2 Duo 2. The front panel has two USB ports on it, along with a 4-in-1 media card slot, and the tray loading, notebook-style optical drive. Still, the Zino HD’s processor is certainly fast enough to display video, surf the Web, and playback music. We’re actually big fans of the Athlon X2 e, as it strikes a reasonable balance between cost and performance that makes sense for a desktop. It’s also could be useful as a primary PC for people with basic computing needs and a sense of style.

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However both games had single digit scores 5 fps eachshowing that this compact system really isn’t dell zino hd 400 PC you want if you’re looking to play high end games. Attractive, Affordable Dell zino hd 400 Gaming. There’s also still some controversy concerning older bit hardware and software not working on Windows 7 bit.

Dell assures us it’s working on both issues, but at the time of this review, order fulfillment times hover around three weeks, and the Blu-ray option remains absent Dell says it will be back the first week in February. We did not test that Gateway as extensively as a video device when we reviewed it although we certainly wish we hadbut we can still use it to help position the Dell Inspiron Zino HD in the larger scheme of budget PCs.

Support for Inspiron Zino HD | Diagnostics | Dell US

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 2, Origin PC Chronos Review: How to Tell if You’re a Tech Addict. View Dell zino hd 400 7 Photos in Gallery. Subscribe to HH News Alerts! Microsoft Surface Pro Review: Multimedia multitasking in seconds Shorter bars indicate better del. Speaking of home theater, the system revolves around its compact chassis and its HDMI port.

Dell zino hd 400 the right video chip, the Zino would make a respectable home entertainment PC that, unlike Atom-based PCs, won’t choke when you try to perform the occasional basic PC task like browsing the Web or viewing photos.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD (Inspiron 400)

You’ll need a screwdriver and a bit of patience to access the internal drive and memory slots. We had success dell zino hd 400 standard-definition video content from YouTube and Apple’s movie trailer repository.

Our review unit came with the True Blue option. Pros Compact form factor. Affordable, Dead-Silent Media Streaming.

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The fact that the system played Crysis and World in Conflict at all shows that it is at least using DX10 graphics. Plugging the Gateway into your TV would actually zimo much of its quad-core processing power go to waste. HP Pavilion Slimline sy 5, We’re actually big fans of the Athlon X2 dell zino hd 400, as it strikes a reasonable balance between cost and performance that makes sense for a desktop.

With no Blu-ray drive, and stuttery p high-definition resolution and streaming video playback from the integrated graphics chip, you’ll need to upgrade this configuration or look elsewhere for a fully capable, worry-free home entertainment computer. The top panel pops off, and can ud replaced with a custom panel that comes in a range of seven hc and three designer patterns. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Since the chassis is so tiny, it’s no surprise that there’s dell zino hd 400 internal expansion.

Fortunately, Dell offers the right upgrades to get you to the hallowed ground of PC-based video content–just be prepared to spend a little dell zino hd 400 more to get there. Cons Poor 3D performance. All products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Custom Chassis, Blinding Speed. It’s also could be useful as a primary PC for people with basic computing needs and a sense of style.

Rather than using a hybrid design, like the Gateway dsll Dell’s own aptly named Studio Hybrid, which could serve as a Dell zino hd 400 for both productivity and home entertainment, Dell has cast the Zino firmly as a home entertainment PC.

When we bumped the Hulu content to full screen, even in Hulu’s medium-quality setting, the Zino lagged badly. Apple iTunes encoding test in seconds Shorter bars indicate better performance.